Catching Up With Somewhere Between's Noel Johansen

Pastor, bodyguard, pilot, account, attorney, British military officer – Noel Johansen is never sure whose professional shoes he might be stepping into next, or where those shoes might take him. From period drama to contemporary tales and even the occasional Sci-Fi jaunt, the Montreal-born stage and screen actor has amassed a wealth of experience portraying a variety of characters and in a host of genres. Currently he is helping tell a down to earth story with a somewhat unusual twist in ABC’s Somewhere Between. He plays Danny Jackson, a prison inmate convicted of killing three women, including his brother’s fiancée, and who is awaiting execution by lethal injection. As if Danny’s life is not complicated enough, he also suffers from a genetic/physical disorder known as deletion syndrome. The prospect of stepping into these particular shoes was, not surprisingly, daunting as well as compelling for Johansen.